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CUI Jian (??) (born August 2, 1961) is a trumpet player, guitarist and composer, and a pioneer in Chinese Rock music.

As a child from an ethnically Korean family in Beijing, Cui Jian started playing the trumpet at the age of fourteen under the influence of his parents. In 1981, He joined Beijing Philharmonic Orchestra as a classical trumpet player. By that time Cui Yan was introduced to western rock singers by his friends, and began playing guitar.

In 1984, he formed a band, Seven-ply Board, with six other classically-trained musicians, playing their own works mainly in small restaurants and hotels in Beijing. The band was heavily influenced by the Beatles, Rolling Stones, and Talking Heads. Cui Jian attracted the public attention in 1985, when he performed his self-composed song Nothing to My Name in a televised talent show. In 1987 he released his first and best known album, Rock and Roll on the New Long March, in which he created a hybrid and experimental music mix that cut across different pop music genres like punk, dance and jazz. Cui's songs also drew on folk and traditional music types, such as the peasant songs of the Loess Plateau of Shaanxi. In the late 90s Cui began to experiment on digital avant-rock with elements of rap music. His other hits include Wild in the Snow, for which he won the MTV International Viewers’ Choice Award.