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The Wall
. - Reshaping Contemporary Chinese Art. Exhibit curated by Gao Mingliu, opening on October 21, 2005, at the Albright-Knox Museum in Buffalo.
In English.

. The official web site of Factory 798, a cluster of artists residencies, galeries, bookshops, cafes and restaurants in the Dashanzi district in the Northwest of Beijing.
In English.

The Asia Art Archive
"[The] Asia Art Archive (AAA) is the first ever non-profit research centre in Hong Kong dedicated to documenting the recent history of visual art from the region within an international context."

Probably the most extensive resource on contemporary art events, Chinese artists and their work. Includes search functions, graphics, etc.
In Chinese.

A web site put together for and by contemporary Chinese painters. Includes up-to-date information on activities, exhibits, etc. Valuable resource site, including articles etc.
In Chinese. Javascript may not display properly on non-native Chinese OS.

Quick glance at the work of mainland Chinese experimental artists. With interview and illustrations.
In Chinese.

Resource on artists working/living in Shanghai
In Chinese and English.

Extensive exhibit web site in conjunction with the Inside Out - New Chinese Art exhibit by the Asia Society in New York (1998); includes biblography, artists' biographies, contemporary Chinesemart timeline, etc.
In English.

China Millenium Museum, Beijing - 1st and 2nd International New Media Arts Exhibition and Symposium. This is one of the new, exciting museums in Beijing which also dares host some very contemporay and challenging art events. As an architectural monument the museum is interesting in its own rights. And it does include a Multimedia and digital arts center and gallery. for more.
In English and Chinese.

Web resource on Chinese artists residing in the artist village of Song Zhuang 宋庄, to the east of Beijing (Tongzhou district). Over 300 (some say over 400) artists live and practice the arts here, including Feng Guodong, Liu Guoqiang et al.
In Chinese. Many images; site loads very slowly.

The best bookshop in Beijing to purchase literature on modern art (and not only on Chinese art); located in the Factory 798 compound.
In English.