Rose Goldsen Archive of New Media Art

INFOS 2000

Murray, Timothy and Spiller, Teo, Off-line Net Art INFOS 2000, 2000 (CD-Rom PC).

Timothy Murray and Teo Spiller launched this experimental venture of featuring international at the INFOS2000 Festival, in Ljubljana, Slovenia, in an "off-line" format.

The CD-Rom format of this exhibition permitted its physical transfer among casual visitors to INFOS 2000 who might not otherwise have had the curatorial information or cultural interest to access these individual projects on the web. The curators also offered it for use to individuals, public social centers, schools, and libraries in economically besieged zones that might not have had access to the high speed connections necessary for the ideal presentation of the majority of the projects selected for exhibition. The curators understood this gesture to address the digital divide while expanding the rhizomatic frontiers of digital art and its energetic flux. The CD was also included in an edition of M’ars: Magazine of the Museum of Modern Art, Ljubljana (13, no 1-2, 2001).

Curatorial essay by Timothy Murray, "Free Floating Rhizomes: Off-Line Net Art"


  • 80/81
  • Alejandro
  • Archimedia
  • Patrick-Henry Burgaud
  • Ian Campbell
  • Reynald Drouhin
  • Fred Fenollabbate
  • Apostolos Grigoropoulos
  • Stephan Hausmeister
  • Jecca
  • Tiia Johansson
  • Maja Kalogera
  • Michelle Kasprzak
  • David Knoebel
  • Niki Konstantinou
  • Miklos Legrady
  • Zoe Leoudaki
  • Jennifer Ley
  • Eric Maillet
  • Calin Man
  • MEZ ([Mary-Anne] Breeze)
  • Mark Napier
  • Keith Townsend Obadike
  • Horit Herman Peled
  • Robin Petterd and Diane Caney
  • Waldek Pranckiewicz
  • Avi Rosen
  • Arlene Stamp
  • Reiner Strasser
  • Brad Todd
  • Thuan Duc Tran
  • Judson Wright
  • Gary Zebington
  • Jody Zellen