Rose Goldsen Archive of New Media Art

CTHEORY Multimedia

CTHEORY Multimedia is an online journal of curated by Arthur and Marilouise Kroker and Timothy Murray. Conceptual editions of net art and digital architechtonics address and reflect on global thems of critical imperative to the digital age. Produced by the Cornell University Library Electronic Publishing Program, published work is archived by the Goldsen Archive on the CTHEORY Multimedia site for further consultation and interface.

Digital Dirt

  • Akeno
  • Sawad Brooks and Beth Stryker
  • Otna Eahknet
  • Molissa Fenley
  • Arthur Kroker
  • Steve Gibson
  • Marikki Hakola
  • Lynn Hershman
  • Jason Lewis
  • Mez [mary-anne Breeze]
  • Eugene Thacker
  • Bjørn Wangen

Tech Flesh

  • Alejandro
  • Michele Barker
  • Orit Halpern
  • Ashley Holmes and Matthew Hawker
  • Tiia Johannson
  • Diane Ludin
  • Rachel Mayeri
  • Mez [mary-anne Breeze]
  • Miria Miranda and Norie Neumark
  • Robin Parmar
  • Brad Todd
  • Alison Gail Wright
  • Judson Wright
  • Gary Zebbington

Wired Ruins

  • xiix (Robert Hunter and Guilermo Arizta)
  • Tracey Benson
  • Young-Hae Chang Heavy Industries
  • Dror Eyal and Stacy Hardy
  • David Golumbia
  • Davin Heckman
  • Jason Nelson
  • Horit Herman-Peled
  • Andew Hieronymi and Tirdad Zolghadr
  • Lewis Lacook
  • Christina McPhee
  • Dirk J. Platzek and Han Gene Paik
  • Saibot and SSIESS
  • Isabel Sigal and Jay Murphy


  • Akuvido
  • Simon Biggs
  • Candy Factory
  • Shu Lea Cheang
  • Kogo and Young-Hae Chang Heavy Industries
  • Christina McPhee
  • MEZ, Plasma Studii
  • Michaël Sellam
  • Zvonka Simcic and Tanja Vujinovic
  • Jody Zellen