Rose Goldsen Archive of New Media Art


Ecopoetics Online Exhibition

Curated by Timothy Murray, Tom Shevory, and Patricia Zimmermann.

image from consumertopia web site

via The Finger Lakes Environmental Film Festival (FLEFF):

Selected artistic interventions from artists throughout the world explore the electronic interfaces between sustainability and environmental thought. Subsequently, they will be maintained in off-line form in the Rose Goldsen Archive of New Media Art, Cornell University Library.

This international exhibition probes a series of questions about digitalities, visualities, and environments to create new landscapes for contemplation and action.

How might new media environments and technological flows intervene in ecoculture and ecopolitics? What is the relationship between the techne of ecopoetics and the imperative of ecopolitics?

How do Internet paradigms of speed, flow, and traffic impact notions of sustainability? Do mobile technologies and global positioning systems provide platforms for ecological activism? How can we decipher and comprehend the military’s utilization of ludic gaming systems for digital terror and ecological devastation?

How might new media interventions offset media blackouts of the global ecology of war and public health degradation? How can the artistic mixing of ecological and poetic materials—organic, inorganic, technological, aural, and visual—create alternative and fertile environments in new media culture?

The exhibition includes works by Judy Malloy, Diane Ludin, Ryan Griffis, Ian M. Clothier, Andrew Bucksbarg, Thorsten Knaub, Sam Smiley, Olga Kisselva, Ollivier Dyens, Joseph Rabie, Lillian Ball, Katerie Gladys, Annette Weintraub, Tiffany Holmes, Maria Damon and mIEKAL aND, Agricola Cologne, and Regina Célia Pinto. We plan to archive the exhibit in The Rose Goldsen Archive of New Media Art, Cornell Library, following the Festival.

Digital Artists Selected for EcoPoetics Exhibition

  1. Ryan Griffis, United States
    The Temporary Travel Office: Parking Public (2005)
  2. Ian M. Clothier, New Zealand
    Roll over Oe sun, roll over Oe rain
  3. Andrew Bucksbarg, United States
    Consumertopia (2001) Duration: Variable-Interactive
  4. Judy Malloy, United States
    Concerto for Narrative Data
  5. Diane Ludin, United States
    Version 3.0. I BPE, Ecological and Seed-Based Patents
  6. Thorsten Knaub, United Kingdom
    GPS Diary
  7. Claude Shannon, United States
    AstroDime Transity Authority
  8. Olga Kisselva, Russia/France
    My Conquest of Iraq
  9. Ollivier Dyens, Canada
    The Profane Earth
  10. Joseph Rabie, France
    Landscopes/Ayguesvives /"Here Comes the Sun"
    Landscopes/ Jerusalem, Old City/"Possession"
  11. Lillian Ball, United States
  12. Katerie Gladdys, United States
    Commuting: Ditch
  13. Annette Weintraub USA
    The Mirror That Changes
  14. Tiffany Holmes, United States
    Floating Point
  15. mIEKAL aND, United States
  16. Maria Damon and mIEKAL aND, United States
  17. Agricola de Cologne
    Message from Behind a Wall
  18. Regina Célia Pinto (Brazil)
    I Want Some Red Roses for a Blue Earth