Rose Goldsen Archive of New Media Art

ETC: Experimental Television Center Archives

"ETC: Experimental Television Center Archives" is a collection of digitized tapes and ephemera of the electronic media work of over 1,600 artists who worked in the Center's Residency Program in Owego, New York, from 1971-2011. Originally directed by founder Ralph Hocking and Sherry Miller Hocking, ETC is dedicated to the development of video and digital instruments in the service of creative visual and sonic investigation by artists from around the world. The collection offers a look at the evolution of the unique artist-designed sound and image tools that are the hallmark of the Center's studio and provides a view into the constantly changing artistic processes and practices that have shaped artistic experimentation in video over the years. This archive contains works by the first generation of video and film artists - including Barbara Hammer, Gary Hill, Jud Yalkut and Aldo Tambellini - as well as contemporary works by artists such as Kristin Lucas, Lynne Sachs, and Barbara Lattanzi. The works have been widely exhibited internationally and received awards from festivals around the world. The digital Archive includes ETC: Experimental Television Center 1969-2009, an anthology of ten DVDs, drawn from the Archive's digitized tapes. Explore the collection.