Rose Goldsen Archive of New Media Art


Under the sponsorship of the Carl A. Kroch Library Division of Rare and Manuscript Collections, the Rose Goldsen Archive of New Media Art serves as a research repository of new media art and resources. The curatorial vision emphasizes digital interfaces and artistic experimentation by international, independent artists. Designed as an experimental center of research and creativity, the Goldsen Archive includes materials by individual artists, and collaborates on conceptual experimentation and archival strategies with international curatorial and fellowship projects.

Mark Hansen and Ben Rubin, Listening Post (detail) Renate Ferro, Panic Hits Home (detail) Yao Jui Chung, The Soul Is But One Instant (detail) Lynn Hershman, Agent Ruby (detail) Norie Neumark, Shock in the Ear (detail) Reginald Woolery, Million Man March/World Wide Web (detail)