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Rose Goldsen Archive of New Media Art

Artist Books & Drawings

  • Allen, Jan & Agnes Etherington Art Centre, Machine Life, 2004 (poster, program notes, CD-Rom, catalogue, monograph)
  • Beloff, Zoe, The Influencing Machine of Miss Natalija A. (3-D print, 3-D glasses, CD-Rom)
  • Biggs, Simon, Book of Shadows, 1996 (CD-Rom, artist book)
  • Biggs, Simon, The Great Wall of China, 1997 (CD-Rom, artist book)
  • Citron, Michelle, Mixed Greens: a do-it-yourself movie about identity, belonging, and what we desire, 2005 (postcard, CD-Rom, DVD)
  • Freeman, John (Graig), Imaging Place, 2004 (artist book)
  • Greyson, John and Wall, David, Fig Trees, 2003 (CD-Rom, artist book)
  • Halpern, Tal, Le Nouveau Western: An Interactive Fiction, 2005 (CD-Rom signed)
  • Kahve Society and STAR, Notes Toward the Complete Works of Shakespeare, 2002 (CD-Rom, artist book)
  • Man, Calin, net.art_kit, 2002 (pamphlet, CD-Rom, Internet Explorer)
  • Man, Calin, Wunderbuch: e-story, 1998 (case cover pamphlet, CD-Rom)
  • Man, Calin, reVoltaire Archive, 2003 (pamphlet)
  • McDougall, Graham, Insert-Paisdoni, 2006 (Laser Cut Multiple, card)
  • Padin, Clemente, The New Padin's Spam Trashes, 2002 (CD-Rom, poster)
  • Pegelow, Per., Gating: In Eight Minutes around the World, 2005 (installation drawings)
  • Snow, Michael, Digital Snow (Anarchive 2), 2002 (DVD-Rom, artist book)
  • Stainback, Charles Ashley, SOS: Scenes of Sounds: The Inaugural Exhibition of the Tang Teaching Museum and Gallery, 2000 (Boxed portfolio)
  • Uribe, Anna Maria, Typoems and Anipoems, 1968-2001 (handcrafted artist book)
  • Zellen, Jody, Standing Still: Still Standing, 1999-2000 (artist book)
  • Zellen, Jody, The Blackest Spot, 2002 (artist book)
  • Zellen, Jody, City Views, 2001 (artist book)