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Rose Goldsen Archive of New Media Art

Audio/Sound Art

  • Cardiff, Janet and George Bures Miller, The Secret Hotel, 2006 (monograph, phonographic record)
  • Cardiff, Janet and George Bures Miller, The Secret Hotel , 2006
  • Centre Pompidou, Sonic Process: Une nouvelle géographie des sons, 2002 (audio CD, monograph)
  • Chen, Shen-Ching, Noise/Taiwan [in Chinese], 2000 (CD-Rom, monograph)
  • Colorform (aka James Allen), Eleven Angles (audio CD)
  • Cox, Cristoph and Daniel Warner, eds., Audio Culture: Readings in Modern Music, 2004 (monograph)
  • DJ Spooky, No Accommodation. The Remix., 2003
  • FMOL Trio, Night in the Chapel, 2002 (audio CD)
  • FMOL Trio, Live at Metronom, 2000 (audio CD)
  • FMOL Trio, The Køln Concert, 2001 (audio CD)
  • Greyson, John and Wall, David, Fig Trees, 2003 (CD-Rom, artist book)
  • Huegli, Walter, and Martin Jaeggi, eds., Raw Music Material: Electronic Music DJs Today (monograph, 2 audio CDs)
  • Ikeda, Ryoji, Formula (DVD, monograph)
  • Inoue, Hisako & Shibayama, Takurou, Kiminchi Installation: Stand by an Orange (CD-Rom)
  • Kroker, Arthur & Marilouise and Timothy Murray, NetNoise, CTHEORY Multimedia 4 (internet art)
  • LTK Commune, Live: Spring Scream 1997 (audio CD)
  • Migone, Christof, Sound Voice Perform, 2005 (CD-Rom, monograph [texts byBranden LaBelle, Martin Spinelli, Allen S. Weiss])
  • MTAA, DC 911: The Evildoers' Remix (DVD signed)
  • Museu d’Art Contemporani de Barcelona, Sonic Process: A New Geography of Sounds, 2002
  • Neumark, Norie, Shock in the Ear, 1998 (CD-Rom)
  • Polli, Andrea, Atmospherics/Weather Works, 2003 (audio CD)
  • Polli, Andrea, Retina Burn, 2003 (audio CD)
  • Provencher, Louise & Tremblay, Richard Max, eds., Montréal Télégraphie: le son iconographe (CD-Rom, 2 disks)
  • Sodeoka, Yoshi, and Sean Rooney (KNBS), Noise Driven Ambient Audio and Visuals KNBSC505, 2006 (signed edition)
  • Stainback, Charles Ashley, SOS: Scenes of Sounds: The Inaugural Exhibition of the Tang Teaching Museum and Gallery, 2000 (Boxed portfolio)
  • Thiel, Tamiko and Houshmand, Zara, Beyond Manzanar, 2000-2002
  • Thorington, Helen, Calling to Mind, 2005 (DVD)
  • Thorington, Helen, Calling to Mind, 2005 (audio CD)
  • Treister, Suzanne, Rosalind Brodsky and the Satellites of Lvov, 1999-2000 (audio CD)